Making your Business Website Work for You!

It’s a known fact that most people nowadays have accepted social media, however, recent studies have shown that 72% of companies that have social media presence don’t have a clear-cut social media strategy at all. The lack of it can make successful brand awareness, customer retention and engagement nearly impossible.

Creative, brilliant, fresh, and relevant contents should be the very essence of any social media services strategy. Excellent contents should mirror your brand and should persuade your followers a reason to stay.

Here are some great tips to create a winning social media presence for your business.

1. Profile your audience

Before you could even make it big in social media, you first need to know who is your audience or target market. This allows you to determine where your audience spend most of their time online and provide contents that resonates with their needs. Get to know their demographics and how they behave on social networks.

2. Choose a social platform that works for your brand

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogger, WordPress–there’s virtually hundreds of platforms to choose from. Take time to understand how they all work as each of them have its innate ecosystem that has its own rules, language, flow, and culture that you need to completely master to be successful. You just can’t take shortcuts and post the same contents on different platforms as this will make you look lazy and careless. Choose a specific social media channel appropriate to your business goals.

3. Provide relevant contents.

For you to stay current and relevant online, you need to provide fresh contents regularly. When you can curate some great contents that your audience might be interested in, you’ll be highly admired and your content will be shared extensively. And if you have your own original contents to share, your followers will most likely spread them to their networks.

4. Minimize the noise.

Carefully examine how many social media accounts your company requires to get the message through. Some companies have multiple Facebook accounts to specifically address certain audience needs, such as for customer support, marketing and social engagement. This is actually unnecessary and must be avoided to minimize the noise that’s going on on your account. Integrate your social media presence in as few platforms as possible to keep communication lines less noisy and more convenient for everyone.

5. Resolve issues.

People love it when their favourite brands answer their questions and helped them resolve any issues about their product or service. Ensure that your social media specialists have all the correct information when asked and allow your audience to have the tools to help themselves. By making things more accessible to them, we instantly create trust which help sustain a better relationship.

Social media is still relatively in it’s early phase and continues to change. We don’t know for sure if Facebook and Twitter will reign supreme in the social media landscape but one thing for sure is that it will be here in the long haul and will have a huge impact not only in marketing but research, accounting, customer support, distribution, etc.